Disqualification case


Islamabad High Court issued notices on a plea seeking disqualification of all of them to three members of the PTI National Assembly, Malaika Bukhari, Tashfeen Safdar and Kanwal Shozab and Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

IHC Justice Amir Farooq took up the disqualification case filed for hearing on Monday by Mian Abdul Rauf Advocate against three PTI MNAs Malaika Bukhari, Tashfeen Safdar and Kanwal Shozab.

Malaika Bukhari and Tashfeen Safdar submitted their written replies to the court during the hearing. Shaista Pervaiz Bukhari and Kanwal Shozab's counsel, on the other hand, appeared before the court.

Shaista Pervaiz’s counsel said she came across the media to know about the case. Court remarked on it, “Right now you should receive notice.” Advocate Mian Abdul Rauf said both women were elected on reserved seats as member national assembly.

Dual nationality was returned after the acquisition of reserved seat. Kanwal Shozab’s counsel has been notified in the court room. Mian Abdul Rauf Advocate said the membership of both MNAs in the assembly should be suspended until court ruling.

Mian Abdul Rauf said Malaika Bukhari should be disqualified from maintaining dual nationality while Kanwal Shozab should be disqualified from providing the Pakistan Election Commission with incorrect information.

Both should be disqualified under 62 one-F, he said. Court adjourned the hearing for two weeks while issuing notices to Malaika Bukhari, Tashfeen Safdar and Kanwal Shozab and ECP.