The fourth highest civilian award for Pakistan, the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, was given to actress Mehwish Hayat.

In her latest interview with BBC Asian Network, the Load Wedding star said that being part of the entertainment industry “does not mean we have forsaken our morals.”

Speaking of her work, the actor said she realized that a platform for her to voice her views on the causes she believes in comes with acting.

“It is all about being fearless, which I have always been with my roles, my careers and my choices. Why not raise my voice against issues that I feel strongly for. That’s why I have been very vocal about things and I am glad people respect that and that they listen to me.” She explained.

“Being a public figure I am used to trolling and criticism and it’s okay, everyone has their own opinions. However, questioning my character and credibility was crossing the line.”

My contribution to Pakistani cinema and art were overlooked and it was assumed that I slept my way to the awards. That was crossing the line, I had to stand up and fight… No one can question my credibility and character, they don’t even know me.

She continued saying: “Being a part of this industry does not mean we have forsaken our morals… We as artists are very emotional and sensitive people and we haven’t forsaken our morals.”

“Body shaming is something I want to work on … We must put an end to unrealistic standards of beauty,” she added.

Hayat previously spoke in Bollywood about refusing to work. “It was a conscious decision to stay here in my country and work for my Pakistani cinema,” according to the star.