One of the greatest treasures of Pakistan, Jamil Naqsh, a contemporary artist, passed away at St. Mary’s Hospital in the United Kingdom on May 16, 2019.

The artist was born in Kirana, India in 1939 and moved during partition to Karachi Pakistan. His natural instinct and creativity have led to many mesmerizing paintings being created over the years.

Known nationally and internally for his calligraphy, pigeons and figurative paintings, Jamil Naqsh has been celebrated all his life. His work has been a source of information for the better part of the decade to millions of individuals.

Naqsh’s first solo exhibitions took place in 1962, at Lahore Arts Council, and the Karachi Arts Council. In 1963, an early series of pigeon artworks were shown at the Karachi Arts Council, followed in1971 by a series of 51 paintings with the pigeon theme. The birds represented domestic harmony drawn from memories of his childhood, their feathers reflecting myriad colours. In later paintings they acted as a foil to the female figures, a contrast of movement and stillness.

Naqsh was trained as a miniaturist under former NCA professor Ustaad Haji Sharif in Lahore.

A dropout of the National College of Arts, Naqsh was honoured with the Pride of Performance Award in 1989 and Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 2009.

Naqsh resided in London since 2012.The death of Jamil Naqsh is a great loss to the art community.