The Chilimjusht Spring Festival celebrations ended in Kalash Valleys as this year the three-day festivities were enjoyed by a record number of foreign and local tourists.

The event was sponsored by the Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP). Kalash, Wazirzada, Ravi Kumar and Ranjit Singh also attended the closing ceremony of the Chilimjusht or Joshi festival.

Earlier, the people of Kalash sprinkled their deities with milk and prayed for good fortune.

Before marching to the Charsu (the open dance hall) in Bamburet’s Bartrik village, the Kalash men and women held a mixed session in which they sang the songs in praise of their elders by name describing their achievements throughout their lives.

They also described the history of Kalash people in their songs and at the same time prayed over the coming summer season for the prosperity and abundance of milk, fruit, cereals and disaster safety products.

The Charsu dancing and singing continued until late at night and was watched by tourists from different countries.

The Charsu ceremony was the climax of the festival attended by foreign tourists and locals from various parts of Chitral in large numbers. They thank God Goshidai because during the spring and summer seasons they believe it protects their herds.

Another important and interesting event of the festival was the announcement of the marriage of young couples.

The women and children also distributed cheese and milk among the children. Attired in their traditional dresses, the women, children and men danced and sang together to celebrate the festival.