(Xinhua): The Pakistan Television (PTV) has announced to telecast Three Drops of Blood, a Qin Opera Art or Shaanxi Chinese folk opera cartoon animation series, at its Urdu channel PTV-World, local media reported Saturday.

Local media quoting Managing Director of the PTV Hassan Immad Mohammadi said that the series would be telecast in six episodes on the PTV-World every Saturday starting May 18, 2019.

The managing director described Three Drops of Blood as an important addition to the list of programs shown on PTV, adding that he believed that it would attract a huge number of viewers across Pakistan and abroad.

Earlier, short clips of the animated series Three Drops of Blood were screened at the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) here on Friday evening showing the traditional values of the Chinese culture.

On the occasion, Director PNCA Jamal Shah lauded the cultural exchange between the two countries and added that the series emphasizes the similarities between the peoples of Pakistan and China.

Chief Director of the series Bai Zhijun said, “The colors of the series are bright and lively. It transforms costumes and facial mark in traditional opera into cartoon images with a distinct personality which impresses the audience.”

Three Drops of Blood, one of the classical masterpieces of China, was composed in 1918, and its script is derived from Yuewei Cottage Notes, a popular Qing Dynasty classical Chinese novel written by Ji Yun, a scholar of the Imperial Academy, in his twilight years.

The story’s themes touch upon ancient and apocryphal issues, the Emperor’s Court, interpersonal relations and textual research on the classics of the upper class, meanwhile involving folklore, anecdote, medical science, divination and astrology, and the tales of ghosts and goblins discussed among the lower classes.