hania amir

‘Depression’ has always been considered a taboo in Pakistan. But times have changed, and many celebrities have spoken openly about their struggle with it to motivate and support those who are facing a mental illness.

Hania Aamir is the latest celebrity to have spoken on mental health. The Janaan star shared how to help those fighting anxiety and depression in an Instagram post.

“Mental health issues are real. As real as any other ailment that needs medication. In this world of vast knowledge and access to the internet, we all can look up what mental illness looks like so if a friend comes to you explaining a situation that isn’t very normal for you to hear, just be patient and make them feel it is normal,” she wrote.

“Do your research and get them help because it took them a ton of courage and sleepless nights and crying and anxiety to come to this conclusion; to let somebody in on their illness hoping you could help; So do try and help,” Aamir added. “And do not brush it off saying things like “it will be okay” “you should be happy more” don’t give them that. Tell them their issues are serious and that you understand!”

She further penned, “Comfort them make them feel safe and consult a psychologist or psychiatrist if need be. Spread awareness! It’s important for everyone to understand because 1 out of 4 people battle depression or anxiety every year and we all need to be aware and there for them!”

Fellow artist Asim Azhar supported her thoughts. Speaking of the post of Aamir, he wrote: “The sooner we realise the position that we’ve been blessed with by God, the amount of people we can inspire and motivate, the better affect we’ll have on our society.”

He continued, “We are blessed with the power to reach people, and this is exactly what we need to do. Aware society.”