Actor Shaan Shahid has once again raised the voice of unity on the economic front in the midst of the crisis.

As Dollar hit an all-time high and people in a state of shock and panic, through his Twitter handle, Shaan Shahid gave a message of unity and asked everyone to stand together in this hour when the country needs us most.

Talking to Twitter, Shaan said, “Let’s stand united at this hour when the country and our riyasat needs us the most let’s forget our differences at this hour of need, whether you belong to any political views unite now as if the current govt falls we all fall so let’s do it for our future Pakistan,” he added.

He further stated: “Dear Prime Minister is hit by the economic terrorism the dollar blast has put fear in people’s hearts & shaken there confidence as the rupee bleeds. But dare not take a step back from this war until we have won. As to much is at stake our future Zindabad.”