fawad khan

All Bollywood male stars rejected Anil Kapoor’s 2014 home production Khoobsurat, which had his daughter Sonam Kapoor as the lead. Many problems had to be faced by the makers until they found Pakistani actor Fawad Khan.

Talking to an Indian Daily, Anil Kapoor said: “We faced a lot of problem while casting the male lead for Khoobsurat. Nobody was ready to do it. All the leading men had refused to do the film. We still kept looking for an apt actor and Rhea (Kapoor) told me about Fawad Khan and showed me some of his work.”

Rhea, the younger daughter of Anil, who was also the film’s co-producer, asked Fawad to give an audition and liked him immediately. Anil revealed that the father-daughter duo believes in making female-centered films as producers.

“As far as our company is concerned, Rhea is doing a good job of making films centred on women and she is doing it intentionally also because she loves it. I have always encouraged it. I think more producers should keep making films that focus on women. And why do it with big stars only? Do it with every good actor,” he stated.

He mentioned, “When I did films like Judaai and few others, a lot of industry people would wonder and get shocked at the same time. they would ask why I was doing films in which the role of a heroine was better than mine or maybe equal. That was the mindset of a few people.”

He continued, “But I would always go for films that either had good roles for me or the story was appealing. Like sometimes either Madhuri Dixit-Nene or Sridevi would get the best roles in the films that we acted in together. I did this for longevity.”