tariq jamil sham idress ducky bhai

The acclaimed scholar Maulana Tariq Jamil gave a talk about the egos clash and urged Sham Idrees, Ducky Bhai, Zaid Ali, Rahim Pardesi and Shahmeer to forgive and forget.

The eminent scholar feels that this predominantly inflated love of one’s own has become a destructive force in our society, where everyone feels entitled and feels superior to each other, giving no room for coexistence.

The esteemed academic can be heard in the video titled ‘ Stop Fighting ‘ saying: “Our society doesn’t believe in letting go. We destroy people over very minute disputes.”

“Those who do not make errors are not humans, regardless of them being considered pious or a cynic, mistakes are a significant part of a human’s life,” he states.

The religious preacher used his channel on YouTube to discuss different Islamic topics and racked up viewers from all over the globe who even earned him the golden button on YouTube.