Lahore: On the eve of the arrival of President of PML(N) Shahbaz Sharif, the party spokeswoman Maryam Aurangzeb has strongly criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan and questioned what his 50 rental spokesmen will do now.

Talking to media she said that the plane carrying Shahbaz Sharif has landed at Lahore airport and now is the time for you to worry and time for your relaxation is over and you are hiding on the mountains and your spokesmen are silent. She told Imran Khan that you cannot befool the masses with lies and artificial promises.  She further said that your spokesmen should voluntarily resign with shame.

PML (N) spokeswoman said that Shahbaz Sharif is amongst the developers of the country and Pakistani people love Shahbaz Sharif. She added that it is time for Imran Khan for fleeing and go in hiding and feel fear of the patience of the public. She said that Imran Khan is in Governor House Nathia Gali leaving 220 million people at the mercy of the IMF. She questioned the status of Governor House, its walls, hotels and these funds were supposed to be used to pay country’s loans and eliminate poverty. She advised Imran Khan to come back and make necessary preparations for answers to Shahbaz Sharif of your incompetency and ineligibility.

PML(N) leader Ahsan Iqbal has said that government has made unnecessary propaganda pertaining to the arrival of Shahbaz Sharif whereas he was in London for routine medical check up. He added that masses are paying the cost of government’s inefficiency and government’s business is based on lie. He said that rulers are practicing the politics of hatred. He said that during the APC meeting a decision will be taken to chalk out a political strategy. 

Party leader Uzma Bukhari said that the nation is paying the cost of government’s inefficiency and Shahbaz Sharif will expose the government in the budget session. She said that “ Give honour to vote was statement yesterday and the same is today also.”