LAHORE: Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif has reached Lahore from London where PML(N) workers have warmly welcomed him.

According to details Shahbaz Sharif had travelled to London for medical check up and returned to his Model Town Lahore residency in Pakistan after two months where PML(N) leaders, MPAs, and workers warmly welcomed him.

Upon arrival out of Lahore airport workers showered him with rose petals and shouted slogans in favour of PML(N) leadership. Shahbaz Sharif responded by waving hands.

MPAs  and prominent PML (N) leaders welcomed him at the airport lounge and took him in a rally to his residence in Model Town.

Earlier, at Lahore airport despite heavy security several PML(N) workers forcibly managed to enter the airport which led to exchange of hot words between workers and airport security staffers and created chaotic situation and workers managed to reach arrival lounge whereas Gulu Butt along with workers chaunted slogans in favour of PML(N) leadership.

To cope with the ugly scene created by PML (N) workers water cannons were also brought at the airport whereas the contingents of anti riot force have also been deployed at the airport.

It is recalled that Shahbaz Sharif will appear before the Accountability Court on June 13 where cases pertaining to Ramazan Sugar Mills and Asiana Iqbal scandals are pending against him whereas at the last hearing due to his absence the court expressed unhappiness. In addition to this Shahbaz Sharif will participate in the budget session of the National Assembly.