The popular rock band from Karachi, Pakistan, Kashmir, has just released its latest music video by the name of ‘Pari’.

With Bilal Ali as the lead vocalist, Vais Khan as the lead guitarist, Usman Siddiqui on the bass guitar, Shane J. Anthony on the drums, ZairZaki as the rhythm guitarist and Ali Raza on the keyboard, the song ‘Pari’ is a sliver of hope meant for all those suffering from depression. With a positive vibe to a social phenomenon that has a negative stigma attached to it, ‘Pari’ portrays a strong message of optimism.

The music video, directed by Ashar Khalid, features a young girl in great despair, who keenly listens on to the nurturing lyrics of the song, penned down by Bilal Ali himself. It is a soft, melodious number giving out a sense of encouragement and staunch support to counter hopelessness.

Kashmir – the Band was formed in 2012 and rose to its fame when it won the Pepsi Battle of the Bands’ Season 2 in 2017. The band is well-known for its energetic stage presence and its unique music which is a fantastic combination of intense guitar tunes, hypnotic vocals, and a compelling bass. Kashmir – the Band won the Lux Style Award for the Best Emerging Talent in Music in 2017 for their song “KaaghazKaJahaaz”, while their lead singer Bilal Ali also received a nomination in the LSA for the category of Singer of the Year for ‘Khwaab’.

‘Pari’ is a part of their debut album from which their first song ‘Khwaab’ was released late last year.