LAHORE: Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, who is known for his brilliant acting stints in films like Jawani Phir Nahi ani, War and Parwaaz Hai Junoon is tying the knot with actress Naimal Khawar Khan this Sunday (August 25).

The social media was flooded with an invitation card naming the two actors names and the date on which they are expected to get married.

Writing a detailed note on Facebook, Hamza said: “I planned to say this after 25th but since the news is already out so here I go. Yes, I am deliberately using this public attention to me and Naimal getting married to put a message across. I say these words with the sole intention that anyone who is going thru the same turmoil and making the same efforts as me might take encouragement and get reassurance.”

He added: “When you realize that it’s not fairytales and it is the truth that you have a Rabb and you will stand accountable in front of him after you die, it changes you. Your first priority becomes fixing yourself rather than changing the world. You look at your life and realize that many things you do that give you pleasure are the same things which cause displeasure to your Lord.”

He further added: “So if you too are trying to please Allah by fixing some aspects of your life like controlling your desires, fixing your Akhlaaq or trying to be regular at your prayers or give more charity, do not give up. Keep taking your small and often flawed steps towards Allah, unlike people Allah does not expect perfection in your efforts, he only wants sincerity and consistency no matter how many times you fail.”

He concluded the note saying, “So yes me and Naimal are having our small Nikkah on 25th and a small Walima on 26th and then looking forward to a lifetime together in making efforts to please Allah together. Pray for us. Thank you.”