ISLAMABAD: Former chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani Wednesday said that the decision of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet to review NAB laws and procedures is discriminatory, malafide and tantamount to victimizing the political class.
“As reported in the media, two task forces on civil service reforms, headed by an adviser of the Prime Minister have made recommendations for an amendment in the NAB Law with reference to the civil bureaucracy,” he said in a statement issued by his office.

The federal cabinet under the chair of PM Imran Khan Tuesday decided that the government would make procedural changes in the working of the NAB to provide “fearless environment for business activities” and to bring investment for the revival of the crippling economy.
“The purported amendments, amongst others, propose that no investigation, reference or arrest will be initiated by the NAB till such time as the material is placed before a Supervisory Committee, consisting of peers, for their approval,” Rabbani said.

The PPP stalwart added that the various accountability mechanisms and laws in the country already provide for a trial by peers of the judiciary, military bureaucracy and the civil bureaucracy.

“The only subject to a special law and special courts are the political class. If each segment of society is to be tried by their peers, then members of Parliament should be tried by a Parliamentary Committee on Accountability.”

Rabbani viewed that the solution lied in the proposed Federal Commission for Accountability. The commission under one law would provide for accountability across the board and all segments of society, he said adding that the details of it have been given in his Open Letter to the people of Pakistan on 12th January, 2017.

“True and genuine accountability can only come when one process is applicable to all stakeholders,” he concluded.