The Twitter account of renowned filmmaker Nabeel Qureshi was suspended after he posted pro Kashmir tweets.

After the captain of the dormer Pakistan hockey team, Fasi Zaka’s account was momentarily suspended, it appears that Nabeel Qureshi is the next target of an impersonation mass report on Twitter.

The filmmaker announced the news on his Instagram story and said that it happened following his tweets in support of Kashmir.

Currently, the filmmaker is on vacation and travelling the Northern areas of Pakistan with Fahad Mustafa.

Nabeel Qureshi has appealed to Twitter, and Twitter has said that his account impersonates someone and is therefore unable to be restored.

Since the first week of August when the suspension of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution in Kashmir, the Kashmir issue has been world talk. Many activists around the globe raised their voices about the Kashmir Issue on different social media platforms.

However, Twitter suspended nearly 200 Pakistani accounts within one week. Some of these accounts also belonged to representatives from the government.