yashma gill

Yashma Gill is not a new name in the Pakistani television industry. Even though she started her career in supporting roles she was always under the limelight for her acting skills. The young rising star proved through her acting that she is here for the long run and for much bigger roles.

In a very short span of time, Yashma Gill has already been in some of the biggest projects of the television screens, one of which is also Dil Mom Ka Diya which became a sensation at the time it was aired.

From side roles to main leads, Yashma Gill’s acting has become more and more professional. She carries all her characters with a grace mostly possessed by most veteran actors. She is definitely a living example that age does not matter when you are ready to reach the skies.  

One such drama in her list of achievements is Piya Naam Ka Diya which is getting a major acclaim. The drama is a reflection of our society and all the expectations the society demands from a woman even though she is not responsible for fulfilling it.

Yashma Gill in Piya Naam Ka Diya is a fresh new character to see and fall in love with.

Watch her in the drama and you will be amazed at how talented and skilled she is when she truly gets in her character. Her body language submerges in Ramsha’s character and it makes the viewers fall in love with her even more. Dialogue delivery is simply spot on and the facial expressions associated with each dialogue is carried to perfection.

She isn’t however stopping here with the drama industry. Yashma Gill has recently been trying her hand at vlogging and we can see her getting massive attention from her fans with her fun and cheerful videos on YouTube.

All in all, Yashma Gill is simply killing it with such versatility that it’s hard to believe she has walked up the success ladder in such a short span of time.