7th Sky Entertainment’s Bharosa Pyar Tera featuring Adeel Chaudhry and Komal Aziz in the lead roles has been ruling the TV screens since its 1st episode went on air. While the drama is nearing its end now, the series has received love and appreciation from all corners, touched record ratings, and has received millions of views on YouTube.

With a strong storyline, stellar performances by the lead actors, and major twists and turns in every episode, Bharosa Pyar Tera has no doubt, been a treat to watch.

Revolving around Marium and Mikaal’s lives, Bharosa Pyar Tera is the story of true love and sincerity in relationships in which the lead characters go through so many things. Viewers found everything including heartbreak, pain, loss, happiness, romance, betrayal, doubts in the lead actors’ relationship and fell in love with this drama. This ultimately has reflected in the TRPs of this serial making it one of the most viewed shows on local television these days.

The variety of linked tracks and the well-etched-out characters keep this drama entertaining and has hooked people to the show.

Komal Aziz and Adeel Chaudhry have been the stars of the show and have been impressive throughout. They have made us feel for them every step of their journey and we can find appreciation for their performances in the serial.

The supporting and negative characters’ performances have been on point too, making this drama a major attraction for the viewers.

As the last few episodes roll out, we look forward to what will be the end of this serial. As Nida and Laiba are reaping what they sowed, we await to find out what is in store for Mariam and Mikaal’s life.