The world observes Global Handwashing Day on the 15th of October. The main motive behind it is to foster and support a general culture of handwashing with soap since handwashing with soap is an easy and effective way to ensure self-hygiene.

“Clean Hands for All”. This year’s theme of global handwashing day is all about reaching out to everyone who is deprived of these basic facilities which ultimately increases the probability of diseases that might impact their health, education and economic outcomes. As they say, health is wealth.

In developing countries like ours, we are facing serious health issues. According to UNICEF, 53,000 Pakistani children under five die annually from diarrhea due to poor sanitation.

It can also cause stunting, which currently affects almost 44 percent of children in Pakistan. 70% of our population resides in rural areas and the majority of these areas lack basic facilities like clean water and handwashing tools like soaps.

The lack of awareness regarding adopting basic practices such as proper handwashing also adds to the social issues of the country. It is very important for our people to know how to take care of themselves in order to take care of the country.
Hence being a citizen of this country, it is our rightful duty to observe this day with full zeal and fight against these inequalities in handwashing facilities and effective handwashing promotion programs for the betterment of our society that would lead to a better future. HogaSaaf Pakistan is one of the campaigns working for Pakistan on this mission. At a crucial time like this, the campaign would enable individuals like us to be the droplet of water that this soil needs.
Together, let’s make an effort for SAAF PAKISTAN!