KARACHI: Shockingly, 80% of all burns on children are caused by something very everyday: the spillage of hot tea.

Most of the affected children are below the age of 10, for whom a split second of negligence results in lifelong impact, or worse: in a single hospital, on average 3 to 4 children die due to unbearable consequences of tea spillage.

In Pakistan, every third household has a burn victim. The fragile skin of a child and the sensitivity of the matter may result in permanent disability, and incidents are not only painful for the victim, but equally disturbing for parents & loved ones.

However, 100% of these incidents can be avoided through some minimal lifestyle changes, awareness, and simple precautions. Hashmat Effendi Burn & Plastic Surgery Department Shalamar Hospital is determined in curing and protecting future generations.

Ms. Hashmat Effendi, (Founder of H.E Burn & Plastic surgery department) while addressing on Chai Ka Nishaan Campaign stated, “Our journey to protect our Nation’s children has started.

This campaign is not against tea – it is an awareness campaign to teach our society to protect children by keeping hot cups of tea away from them. Kyon ke yeh Chai Ka Nishaan kabhi nai jata.

This is a moment where everyone gets together to spread the awareness! You never know you protect some child’s life by just letting the parents know what they do not know!”

This is a time where everyone needs to come together & play their role, as after all, prevention is better than cure and our ultimate goal is to eliminate such cases.