BY Salman Ghori : Sadia Jabbar Productions continues its endeavors to bring forth societal issues that need to be addressed and highlighted and Mujhay Beta Chahiye is another such project catering to the existence of gender discrimination in Pakistan.

‘Mujhay Beta Chahiye!’ These are three words that can only be uttered by a man living in the regressive societies in Asia. The world has changed and we have come so forward in time but somehow many of us are still stuck in the older days when bearing a son was considered honorable for a woman, while she was repeatedly shunned by her husband and family for giving birth to a daughter. Men and their mothers, in most cases, have the audacity to ask a woman to only provide them with sons, for the sake of family name and stature, despite being educated enough to know that it is not in their hands.

The drama Mujhay Beta Chahiye deals with the age old issue of what happens when a woman in our society gives birth to daughters one after the other. The drama aptly portrays the series of events that follow after a woman is unable to bear a son, even after several attempts. The men then tend to find distractions outside their homes, looking for options and resorting to immoral and unethical behaviors to fulfill their desire of a male heir.

With the relationship between Salman and Rubina shown to move towards destruction the moment the desire for a male heir becomes too prominent for him, the drama portrays the consequences that a woman has to face in our society, thanks to rampant gender discrimination. The social issue often leads to husbands developing a cold shoulder towards their wives, insulting them in the bedroom as well as in public, and expressing extreme animosity and hatred towards not just their wives, but their daughters as well, as Salman does with Rubina and his daughters.

The man would often end up taking out his anger on the innocent child who wants nothing except the love and affection of her father.

As the drama serial takes an even more serious turn in recent episodes, with the tragic passing away of their newborn daughter, thanks to Salman’s negligence towards her for being a female, and his transgressions with another woman, Jahanara, we as members of the society can’t help but wonder how many females in our society are currently in real life going through these circumstances. We have to get rid of this stigma once and for all and change the way we think about what females can achieve in life.

The drama talks about this particular issue that is pertinent and has to be talked about in the current day and age and we sure hope to see Rubina emerging as a warrior in the upcoming episodes of the drama.