By Afshan Zahra: We all indeed wish to see our country cleaner & greener like developed countries of the world, and for that, we all need to strive to work for it. To achieve a cleaner, healthier, and better future it is important to slowly and steadily work towards making this wish of ours turn into reality.

With their productive cleanup drives in different cities of Pakistan, Hoga Saaf Pakistan has been encouraging citizens to take responsibility for their cleanliness and that of their environment.

The latest cleanup drive was organized in Lahore with the international blogger Alyne Tamir, who recently came to Pakistan to visit. This drive with Alyne was specifically organized to educate the youth of the country to proactively take responsibility for maintaining cleanliness of the spaces around them. This was indeed a great step in furthering their cause as bringing an energetic international influencer on board was a great way to inspire the youth of the country to take responsibility for the environment.

Moreover, Alyne is also attempting to break stereotypes about Pakistan with her travel blog which will eventually have a very positive impact on the international image of Pakistan.

Apart from Alyne, various other local bloggers of Lahore also joined the cleanup drive for a cleaner and beautiful Pakistan. The drive with Alyne and other travel bloggers also included giving her a tour of the beautiful city of Lahore and her conducting a seminar on responsible tourism with the students of Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS).

There is an utmost need for social impact movements like these to encourage people to adopt and promote healthy habits. It has brought cleanliness on the forefront of our priorities for a better future for the country. Hoga Saaf Pakistan, through their iconic cleanup drives, events, and seminars held across the country from time to time have been raising awareness for this important cause.