Darr Khuda Se is a 7th Sky Entertainment production by Abdullah Qadwani and Asad Qureshi that has taken over our tv screens for its unique storyline and ensemble cast. The drama revolves around a young girl working in an office and how workplace harassment ends her up in a lot of troubles.

The drama is written by Sarwat Nazir and stars Sana Javed as Afreen, and Imran Abbas as Shahwaiz in an antagonist role.

As the story has progressed further, the most satisfactory scene in the entire episode was Kashif and his wife struggling to get their daughter treated who is crumbling down under an unknown sickness. So, there is something here for the audience to appreciate how things have started going bad for Kashif and his ill deeds are finally appearing before him.

We are also anticipating that in the next episode he would realize that his daughter is paying for the crime he has committed, and might even resort to asking for forgiveness from Afreen.

As for Shahwaiz, his desperation for Afreen is getting out of hands. He has succeeded in framing Afreen as a characterless girl, and has become the cause of turning her family against her. When all his efforts to marry Afreen go in vain, he makes Tamkeen his prey and as soon as Tamkeen’s current marriage proposal breaks, he asks for Tamkeen’s hand in marriage.

This scene was epic in every regard. Since the beginning of the drama, Shahwaiz’s character has been typically mean and cunning. For this specific scene, he puts on an innocent face to pretend to be the good guy who is cleaning up Afreen’s mess.

Another concept shown once again in this episode was the trust issues of Afreen’s parents. Our society is accustomed to believing only the part we see or hear without any effort to check its reality.

This is clearly shown in the drama. Even though Afreen keeps saying she has done nothing, her parents won’t believe her. We can’t wait to find out what would happen with Afreen now- will she be able to prove her innocence to her family.