By Afshan Zahra: 7th Sky Entertainment’s magnificent production Ramz e Ishq, starring powerhouse performers Mikaal Zulfiqar, Kiran Haq and Hiba Bukhari in lead roles, has the viewers hooked since the very first episode. After a long time, production maestros Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi have brought a visually strong play to our screens with Ramze-e-Ishq.

The audience is going gaga over the splendid cinematography of the drama which is rare in our local plays.

Directed by Siraj-ul-Haq, the drama revolves around a love trio of three youngsters Roshni, Rayan and Rania, belonging to a modern-day Nawab family. Their lives are connected with their parent’s past which has a huge impact on the dynamics of their current relationship.

Last night’s mega episode introduced us to some major twists and turns in Roshni’s life. Shockingly, Roshni’s mother passed away after getting her Nikkah done to Rayan in a low-key event at her house. After her mother’s sudden demise, Roshni has nothing left to lose and her entire world has crumbled but Rayan stands by her and supports her through thick and thin.

While Roshni is not ready to make her Nikkah with Rayan public now, Rayan wants everyone in the Haveli to know the relationship between them as early as possible. Rania, on the other hand, can’t tolerate the care and love Rayan is showing for Roshni and she is going all mad over the girl’s existence in the house. Moreover, Rayan and Rania’s marriage has been postponed due to Khadijah’s death.

We loved the scenes between Roshni and Rayan in this episode. The way Rayan fed her when she refused to eat, and made her feel at home in the haveli showed how immensely he loved his childhood mate. Undoubtedly, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Hiba Bukhari’s on-screen chemistry is admirable and both the actors have given out the best of their performances.

On the other side, Omar has been ditched by Maryam, who couldn’t convince her filthy rich father to accept the poor man as his son-in-law. With nowhere left to go, Omar is badly stuck. He knows that if he goes back to the haveli, Nawab Hashmat Ali would punish him for what he has done. While Omar has assumed his divorce with Roshni to have spread like wildfire, in reality, it remains a secret for the Nawabs and no one even has a hint of it yet.

Well, we are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming episodes to find out what fate has in store for Roshni & Rayan. Will their childhood dream of being together ever come true or will fate separate the duo once again? Though we are expecting a happily-ever-after for Roshni & Rayan, we never know the makers might entertain us with some more twists in the upcoming episodes.