By Laiba Zehra: 7th Sky Entertainment’s “Dil-e-Gumshuda” made its mark on the 9 pm slot and had the audience on the edge of their seats ever since it aired.

Throughout the series, Hina Altaf was seen portraying her innocent and orphaned role eminently alongside Amar Khan, who truly managed to steal hearts through her envious and headstrong role as Alizey. She did not only portray her character perfectly, but she also made Alizey stand out throughout the whole drama with her performance.

Amar Khan made her first debut in showbiz in 2016 as Saman in “Bad Gumaan”. Her exceptional acting skills got her into more famous drama serials. It is seen evidently that she earned the nomination of Best Emerging Talent in Lux Awards 2019 after her appearance in “Belapur Ki Dayan”.

She is a gifted actress who fits herself into whatever character she plays, as could be seen in “Dil e Gumshuda.”

When her character, Alizey, threatens Zara to stay away from Daniyal, no one could have done it better than Amar Khan. She can make things intense while keeping the atmosphere subtle. Even though her character is quite villainous and someone who’d fight for what they can’t have, the audience admired her to the core because of the profound acting skills. From highly manipulative to low-key sarcastic, she portrays all the sides to Alizey’s character brilliantly.

Amar Khan did justice to her character while compelling Nadeem, in the most cunning way possible. Moreover, she also proved that any character, be it fierce or meek, Amar Khan can do it all.

She swirls around her character’s mind, taking in all that needs to be played out for the audience. While playing the rich fashionista and strong-minded girl, her appearance and poise had succeeded in engaging the audience’s hatred and that makes her very exclusive.

Amar Khan with her outstanding role in “Dil-e-Gumshuda” has been another huge success. Her dramatic entrance into showbiz has left everyone spellbound and there’s a lot more to come from her in future.