BY Afshan Zahra: With so much airing on the small screen at the moment- it can be hard to pick favorites. With quality content and brilliant productions, the bar has been set high and viewers have something to look forward to every day.

Among all the dramas airing on our tv screens at the moment, there are some dramas that we look forward to every week to watch. Under their banner of 7th Sky Entertainment, production maestros Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi have been providing us with some back to back hit dramas. From romance and comedy to social issues, they have covered a wide variety of genres for all kinds of viewers.

Here’s a list of amazing dramas that we look forward to every week.

Darr Khuda Se

A one of its kind play, Darr Khuda Se highlights a very significant social issue through an engaging storyline; the issue of workplace harassment and flirtatious men who make lives of working women miserable. Airing every Tuesday, the back to back engaging episodes have kept the audiences intrigued.


Starring the versatile Mikaal Zulfiqar and the beautiful Hiba Bukhari as a lead couple, Ramz-e- Ishq is a story of principles, family tragedies, and vengeance intertwined with a childhood love story. With the storyline being very run-of-the mill, Ramz-e-Ishq has managed to capture audience’s attention due to its mind blowing cinematography and high quality production which is rare in local dramas.

Kahin Deep Jalay

One of the top trending plays of the season, Kahin Deep Jalay is a family drama revolving around siblings love. Featuring Neelam Muneer as Rida, the play mainly revolves around this sweet and caring girl who is the apple of the eye for her brothers and they treat her like a princess but her sister in law Shameela envies the love and care Rida’s brothers bestow on her. An intense tale of love, loss and betrayal, Kahin Deep Jalay has managed to impress the viewers, raking in top ratings week after week.

Mere Mohsin

An ordinary romantic tale of two love birds coming from entirely different background, Mere Mohsin is yet another play that we look forward to watch every week. Mere Mohsin has attracted the audience due to its ordinary yet relatable storyline.

Starring the versatile Rabab Hashim and the talented Syed Jibran in the lead, Mere Mohsin brings to our screens the struggles of two individuals in love with each other, who choose to marry without their parent’s consent. Pairing on reel for the first time, Rabab Hashim and Syed Jibran have managed to pull together a flawless on screen chemistry, becoming one of the most adorable on-screen couples this season.

Shahrukh Ki Saaliyan

A romantic comedy serial, Shahrukh Ki Saliyan is a hilarious roller coaster ride. Starring Ramsha Khan and Ahsan Khan, this rom-com refreshes viewers with its dose of entertaining and quality comedy dialogues. Veteran comedy writer Dr. Muhammad Younis Butt has skillfully penned this rom com with interesting situations and amazing characters, keeping the viewers glued to the screens week after week.

Dolly Darling

A sitcom that will make you laugh till your tummy hearts, Dolly Darling has been providing viewers with the much needed comic relief among a heap of serious plays. Full of funny and entertaining characters and dialogues, Dolly Darling is a joyous ride for viewers that frees them from all the tensions and worries of the week, making their weekends relaxing and full of fun. Scripted by Dr Younis Butt, the sitcom stars Nadia Khan, Aijaz Aslam, Uroosa Siddiqui, and Ali Rizvi.