LAHORE: Glitz, glamour and TUC galore. An evening filled with celebrities, influencers and a big splash of yellow that took over Bridal Couture Week 2019. The hype was at an all-time high and attendees were anxiously waiting to see what the designers had brought to the table.

Amidst all of this we were in awe of the infinity booth by Tuc where people couldn’t stop striking a pose for the cam with all their glam! It was a dream come true for all the selfie lovers with mirrors surrounding you from all angles and warm lit ambiance to make you look majestic as ever. Moreover, hunger pangs took the backseat as the carefully crafted Tuctizers offered the attendees a range of delectable bites full of flavor and light on the appetite.

One couldn’t compare because it was difficult to decide what tasted better! Tuc surely owned the final look backstage where they installed full length mirrors making sure the models were ready to walk the ramp.

TUC serves as the perfect light, salty snack for those sudden hunger pangs at the oddest of times. As one of the oldest brands of CBL in Pakistan, it stands as a benchmark for crackers. TUC holds true to the claim that the freshness in its light crispy texture, rectangular shape, salty taste and light golden color are relished by all alike. TUC delivers the promise to serve as the best snack to satisfy your hunger wherever you are, whenever you like!

In short, a day full of TUC fever with everyone raving about the grandness of Infinity Booth that made for some memorable pictures and the Tuc taking over Bridal Couture Week 2019 was the ultimate highlight of the event. Social media is flooded with the top looks and how the wave of yellow brought forth some seriously trendy statements.

Here’s to looking forward to the remaining two days and more exciting updates on who was Oh-so-Tuc!