Having 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, Husnain Minawala, have been able to merge the practice of digital strategy with a creative marketing twist.

Currently involved with Mystic Advertising, as Director with a great track record of accomplishment both academically and as an employee, Husnain’s passion includes researching and working in the tech and e-commerce industry, often blogging about the latest innovations. In a brief encounter with LahoreTimes, he talks about his career and success. Following are the excerpts:

Could you start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

I think I’ll always have a tough time answering this question, as I’m trying to capture my personality in one short answer. An avid fan of travelling, I hope to travel the world and so far have had the opportunity to visit Georgia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E, and Pakistan, taking in everything they have to offer – especially the diversity and variety of local foods!

Over time I’ve also really developed a love and admiration for everything tech based so naturally it’s one of my favorite topics for blogging.

How did your blogging journey start?
I started off with my first web portal in 2006 – “Events Pakistan”, and the rest, as they say, is history. It covered all major events in Pakistan, as I pursued my passion for blogging.

On my personal blog I’d cover my own interests – and always made sure I mixed up the content ranging from lifestyle, food, and travel posts.

What was your first experience as an entrepreneur – starting Mystic Advertising from scratch like?
My journey of entrepreneurship started back in 2010, as Abdullah Gadit and I inaugurated our digital agency, Mystic Advertising.

It was in 2014 when we opened our very first office in Dubai, and I am blessed to say it has been an upward spiral since then as we now grown and have offices in Pakistan, UAE, and America. It was our shared love for everything marketing and digital that set us off on this intimidating but rewarding path, and I am grateful every day.

What do you focus on and what kind of an impact do you think it has?
My personal blogging focuses on just showing people the ‘art of living life’. In my opinion, living is a lot more than just work and chores.

I’m happy to say I’ve definitely made an impact on the 1000’s of people who follow me through my lifestyle blogging. Spreading positivism is my number 1 priority, and I aim to inspire everyone around me to focus on the moment and make the most of it.

What are some of the biggest lessons you learnt as an entrepreneur?
Perhaps the biggest lesson I learnt is to be resilient. As an entrepreneur, there really is no surety of how your business will go, and you’d grow attached to this ‘child’ of yours very soon.

It’s natural and obvious for there to be a lot of insecurity at the start especially, but working past that and growing confident in my abilities has really groomed me and shaped me into who I am today. Now I hope to pass on this lesson to others.

What is it that you want out of this experience?
My main goal in life is to be constantly moving forward. I enjoy keeping myself busy in different aspects of life, whether it’s with my blog, family, friends, as I aim to not drown myself in work completely.

Growth is one of my main priorities, and all my effort goes towards ensuring that. Opening myself up to new experiences and new people, over time has taught me more than I could imagine, and I am grateful to be able to come across and interact with such diversity as I take every shred of knowledge gained with me.

What would you do with unlimited resources?
Well that’s a tricky one. I’ll answer it in relation to two aspects of my life, domestic life and work life. In my work life I’d definitely invest in my business but also save at the same time, for fear of these resources ever getting lost from me. Maintaining a backup and keeping myself in the safe zone.

Honestly, I’d use it as an opportunity to try and incorporate just about everything that fascinates me into my business, especially the latest tech innovations. In my domestic life I’d choose to use this to make sure my family, and my lovely fiancée are well taken care of and hand this ‘goldmine’ of sorts to them.

What do you attribute your success to – and how would you guide others?
Over time I’ve learnt that networking is one of the most key skills a person can have. If you don’t have good social skills, throw yourself into situations to groom the. Even if you do have good social skills, continue to challenge yourself because you can really never stop learning and practicing this.

Getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing everything life has to throw out at you, and dealing with it all has been a difficult skill to get a grip on. One piece of advice I’d like to give is that you can never get comfortable at any point in your life – continue to strive forwards, even when it doesn’t seem doable.

What are your plans for the future?
I try not to predict the future as in all honesty, I would not have known I’d be here even a few years ago. As I continue to work hard for my business, I just aim to be on the track towards success at all times, in all aspects.