LAHORE-Social media sensation Hareem Shah, who gained fame for posting videos inside the Foreign Officeshared footage of an alleged video call with Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid. Earlier, Hareem shah claimed that Sheikh Rasheed used to send her “inappropriate videos” and used to do live calls to her on whatsapp.

In the footage, Hareem can be seen talking to the federal minister on a video call, saying:”Listen to me have I ever revealed anything of yours till now? Then why don’t you talk to me anymore?.”

The social media star then tells the railways minister that,”What do you mean…What about all those naked videos you used to send me have you forgotten about them.” He hurriedly cuts the video call as Hareem threatens him.Hareem deleted the tweet and she also shared on her account a video message saying she had no intention of defaming anyone.

Hareemshah quickly became the country’s top trend on Twitter with micro-blogging site users engaged in intense discussion of the incident.

Earlier,Hareem Shahwasseen been harassed at an event in Dubai. She shared a video on her Twitter handle of the event she attended at Oasis Mall, where she was invited as a guest.

“Hundreds of Pakistani men hurled abuses, pushed and some even kicked me. Is this how you treat your women?” she asked. She shared a video in which she was surrounded by a group of male fans to take pictures with them when one of the men grabbed her by the arm. She quickly brushed off his hand before continuing to engage with them.