7th Sky Entertainment’s mega-hit venture Ramz e Ishq has been making waves ever since its first episode went on air. Be it the compelling plot or strong storyline, or the ensemble cast ranging from industry leaders to starters, the drama has all the elements of a chart rake.

With brilliant direction done by Siraj-ul-Haque, the storyline of this sentimental drama serial has been penned down by Misbah Nosheen. Ramz e Ishq is a story of love, values, and revenge. It is a vivid representation of heartbreak and the influence of family pressure on the success and failure of relationships.

The story-line revolves around a contemporary family of Nawabs, structured in recent times, but one incident in the past became a bane for Nawab Hashmat Ali’s family honor.

So, the story primarily encircles three young central characters: Rayyan, Roshni, and Rania, played by Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hiba Bukhari, and Kiran Haq, respectively. Although it is a love triangle, their lives are entwined with their parents’ past, which has set the subtleties of their present-day relations.

Twenty years ago, Nawab Hashmat Ali’s son Wajahat Ali committed a severe mistake by marrying against his father’s wish, which led to his daughter Saffiya’s divorce. Wajahat’s love marriage to Khadijah developed as his unpardonable crime, and as a result, he is disowned for his proportion in the property.

Fast forward to 20 years, Wajahat’s daughter Roshni, who selflessly loves her parents, makes an effort to restore her father’s lost love of family, promising Hashmat Ali to make any sacrifice on behalf of her father’s forgiveness, including sacrificing her love for Rayyan in favor of the husband chosen for her by her parents.

After the tragic death of her father, Roshni got married to a servant Omer, in a shocking turn of events. A cardiac arrest to her grandfather leads him to realize the injustice he has done to his blood, but Roshni stands firm on her grounds and continues to suffer. Rania got married to Rayyan, but Rayyan’s heart is still with Roshni.

The latest episode reveals that Omer abducted Roshni for ransom, but Rayyan, with the help of police, rescued her. Though during the happenings, a bullet hits Rayyan that Omer fired on him. Omer managed to escape from Police custody, but Roshni’s family has decided to take him to his end.

The lead couple Mikaal Zulfiqar and Hiba Bukhari, have done justice to the emotional depiction of love that developed over many years and lost within seconds. The couple has won audience hearts already with their on-screen chemistry and acting prowess. Veteran actor Abid Ali wonderfully attempted the journey of Hashmat from vengeance to guilt.

The drama has proven itself to be a success, not only through ratings but also with the social media responses. Amongst the tons of drama serials being broadcast in matinee hours, Ramz-e-Ishq, with its substantial production and exceptional screenplay, felt like a breeze of fresh air. Apart from the story, the direction and the cast, its significant production, and grand cinematography are what gives the play an edge over other dramas.

Would Roshni continue to suffer or going to be able to get her life somehow back on track and overcome the hurdles her own family has put in her path?

Let’s see what the future holds for Rayyan and Roshni.