Singer and actor Ali Zafar finally released a video showing him practicing for a song as he told his fans that a new Pakistan Super League (PSL) song would be revealed on Sunday.

The video of drumbeats in the background shows the singer and his musical instruments sitting on a chair.

As the camera concentrates on him, he could be heard saying ‘ Bhai araha hai ‘ in his mischievous style. Tyyar Ho! ‘

Earlier, Ali Zafar posted a video on his social media accounts in which he took a dig at his haters without naming or pointing out anyone. Zafar sarcastically said in a video that he is responsible for every problem in their lives (people who criticized Ali).

“Life, personal problem, social problem, financial problem, song problem, event problem, anything, then you’re not responsible for it,” Ali added.

Ali Zafar further stated with a smirk on his face that he is so powerful and he has bloggers on his payroll.

“What is this Cambridge Analytica, who got Trump elected? Your brother,” he added while pointing towards himself.

Zafar also suggested his haters to hang a dartboard with his picture on it every morning and hit it after waking up.

He further said “You’ll feel lighter, your anger will fade away, in fact, if you want that I should come and stand in front of it myself, I’m willing to do that.”

Ali Zafar further tried to say something but was interrupted by his previous sung Pakistan Super League (PSL) anthem played in the background after which he told someone to shut it down and called the anthem ‘manhus’ (jinx).