The name Zahid Ahmed is not new to the populace who binge-watch Pakistani dramas. Zahid Ahmed is all about an amalgamation of super-chic personality, suave looks, and flamboyant acting skills.

The actor has maintained his A-game throughout all these dramas including Zara Yaad Kar, Daldal, Besharam and Ishq Zahenaseeb. Accumulating applause that is not just confining within Pakistan, his work is well celebrated in other parts of the world as well.

Out of all the superstars produced by the drama industry of Pakistan, Zahid Ahmed particularly stands out for his perfectionist attitude, his versatility, flair and above all, his capacity to mold himself for every role that he portrays. Throughout his career, the variety that he has been able to offer as an actor is incomparable.

Here we list out a few performances from his career chronicle, which define his love for precision.


After Zahid Ahmed’s debut as a lead star opposite Ayesha Khan in ‘Mehram’ (2014), one would expect similar role choices of a chocolate hero or a knight in a shining armor. However the actor shocked the audience with a completely different choice and we witnessed an entirely different side of Zahid Ahmed in the drama ‘Alvida’ (2015). The superstar announced his caliber by opting to play the character of a psychotic individual, Rameez opposite the well-established pair of Sanam Jung and Imran Abbas. With blood chilling sequences and expressions that scared and thrilled the audiences, Zahid Ahmed won the best actor in a negative role award at the Hum Awards and made a statement that he is not here to play the pretty boy roles; rather he is a force to reckon. Projects like ‘Visaal’, ‘Besharam’, and ‘Ishq Zahenaseeb’ are a proof to that.


Moving towards ‘Daldaal’, Zahid Ahmed plays the role of a middle class man who is extremely greedy and rude, blinded by his ambitions. The actor starred as Shuja who comes from humble beginnings and aspires to settle abroad. The drama story revolves around the theme of illegal immigration, dowry, and corruption (greed). While the show was extremely powerful, Zahid’s performance was praised throughout and he proved to be one of the finest actors we have right now within the drama realm.


The star of the show, Zahid Ahmed plays the role of a con man named Akku aka Akram who is a trickster and deceives people in disguise. The actor got his fans drooling over the bad boy look.

He nailed the gangster attire with ripped jeans and leather jacket perfectly complimenting the long hair and beard driving every woman crazy. The story revolves around Akku and Pari’s (played by Hania Aamir) love story. The drama had intriguing characters, interesting twists and mixed up identities that piqued our curiosity and certainly of the audience as well.

Through this drama, Zahid once again delivers a strong message that we shouldn’t judge people on their past mistakes but on their insight to recognize their faults and the guts to move on with sheer perfection.


There are very few dramas that can be re-watched and ‘Besharam’ is one of them. Zahid Ahmed and Saba Qamar both were their very best in the drama. Zahid plays an aspiring politician who is both humble and one of the very few who will never bow down to corruption. His acting in the drama raised the bar for his contemporaries, and the actor continues to push through his comfort zone as he conforms to a very challenging role.

Ishq Zahenaseeb

Keeping his promise to the audience of always being daring and different, Zahid Ahmed depicts a male character Sameer who has a split personality disorder. He is often seen cross-dressed and calls himself Sameera.’Ishq Zahenaseeb’ had the audience captivated throughout with its unique and unconventional storyline.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Zahid Ahmed was the undisputed star of the show. There were three parallel stories running through the plot but at the heart of it all was the story of Sameer and Sameera.

Zahid Ahmed is a successful business tycoon Sameer; during the day and Sameera; a reincarnation of his childhood nanny Shakira, at night.

It’s unclear whether Shakira is dead or alive and whether Sameera exists as his hypothetical friend or alter ego; what’s clear is that she has complete control over his complex character, portrayed with complete perfection and grace by Zahid Ahmed.

There’s no denying that Zahid is a great actor and a superstar of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry he also has the trajectory to prove it. We are certain that he will never cease to make more fans with each passing minute, for his ethereal acting and outstanding personality. Luckily, he’s working on another mega project and we just can’t wait for it!