We need to talk about how wonderfully Bilal Abbas has captured the attention of the audience in Pyar Ke Sadqay. Fans are raving about his performance, and he certainly has gained their empathy.

The drama is showcasing how, despite having the best of intentions, a parent can make mistakes, as shown in the case of Abdullah’s mother. On the other hand, it also goes to show how important nurturing is. Abdullah’s stepfather shatters his confidence with constant mental and physical abuse, and now he is a shaky, shy, and somewhat eccentric individual. It’s a hard sell. But Bilal Abbas has done wonderfully well.

Let’s dissect his masterful performance. A director or the story sets the arc of any character. But the pitch or tonality of each character often comes down to how an actor adapts to it. While there can be a collaboration, eventually, it is about the sensibilities of the performers.

Even for actors known for being the director’s actors, this is true. Human beings are not merely props. They do bring in their influences and nuances to the roles they are depicting.

With Pyar ke Sadqay, Bilal Abbas had a lot of room for performance. Abdullah wasn’t a run of the mill male lead that we usually see in serious plays. Neither was this a sitcom, where you are laughing at him. Often such characters are used as devices to elicit laughter. Here, the demands were different and multifold. What he did was almost as important as what he chooses not to do.

With cohesion with the Pyar ke Sadqay team, Bilal Abbas gets the tonality just right. Overplaying the eccentricity could have made it caricaturish. Perhaps the audience’s response would have been different. Under playing, it could have made him look a bit snobbish, which isn’t what the story demands.

The director astutely gives us glimpses and provides us reason to empathize with him. His present is a manifestation of Abdullah’s step father’s constant physical and mental abuse, which continues to this day. Bilal Abbas Khan has managed to hit a chord with the audiences, as people can’t stop talking about ‘Abdullah’!

It will be intriguing to see how this story develops and will Abdullah ever break the shackles. Bilal Abbas has been perfectly portraying this role and we can’t wait to watch what happens now.