Junaid Khan is one of the most talented entertainers of our industry who has the magic to be the best in whatever that he does. Whether it is music where he gave us chart hitting singles or whether it were dramas where his characters are remembered by his name.

He is already known for his roles in classic dramas such as Jawad in Silsilay, Moonis in Khasara, Hasan Sheraz in Tumhari Mariam, Azhar in Kamzarf, and Ahmer in Yaariyan.

Junaid Khan certainly has an eye for good scripts and challenging characters where he can grow his acting skills.

He is in the limelight once again for his performance in Mohabbat Na Kariyo, where he plays Asad. Asad and Zara belong to different classes of society, and they fall in love. Asad’s mother does not approve of Zara, but she allows Asad and Zara’s marriage, after which she plots every possible way to detach Asad from Zara.

The drama shows the journey of the two lovers as they face problems, misunderstandings, and trust issues, which create distances between them.
What makes the drama interesting to watch is how Junaid Khan is carrying his role from episode 1.

Junaid khan’s scenes have always raised the bars high for all actors because his chemistry with his on-screen significant other is out of this world.

His acting is powerful yet gentle, so it does not look like he is overdoing anything. Some of his scenes with Hira Mani in the initial episodes are still remembered, and viewers are waiting to see those moments again during the ending episode.

He is a mama’s boy, so he shows that sort of attachment with his mother Tasneem, played by Atiqa Odho. He trusts her way too much, becoming blind to all her evil plans against Zara, who, despite all her efforts, fails to find comfort in Asad.

With the latest episode out, the drama is currently at the highest peak of plot twists, and we can now see the drama is heading towards the climax.

Asad finds out that Rabia was plotted by his mother, and their meeting was not just a coincidence. This makes him furious as he packs his bags and leaves. The kind of caliber shown in these scenes where Asad had to be angry on the outside but broken on the inside gave us a new perspective towards Junaid Khan’s acting talent.

Even though the audience started hating Asad’s character for being so blind towards Zara, his character managed to get sympathies because of Junaid Khan’s power acting.

As for Tasneem, she suffers a severe emotional blow, is taken to the hospital, and becomes paralyzed. Nida and her husband are more worried about their share in the property rather than her mother, leaving Tasneem helpless and vulnerable. Hesitantly, she allows Zara to take business decisions until she can do so.

The story has rounded up perfectly. Samina Ejaz has done a great job of putting the story together that makes sense from the start to the end.

We are now waiting to see what’s in store for Asad because his character is very complicated. Wherever the story turns, Asad will find himself at a loss. Even if he wins back Zara, he will lose the trust he once had for his mother.