Anoushay Abbasi has garnered a lot of appreciation and made a name in the entertainment industry because of her impressive and versatile acting. Known for her performance in some of the classic dramas such as Mera Saaein, Khushboo Ka Ghar, Meri Saheli Meri Humjoli (2012), Pyarey Afzal, Bhanwar and Malika-e-Aliya Season 2, and more lately in the successful blockbuster drama Mere Paas Tum Ho, Anoushay can now be seen in drama serial Ghalti showing her exceptional acting skills.

Revolving around the themes of greed and family politics, Ghalti is a popular serial with a great star cast and a good script. Produced by Humayun Saeed and Shahzad Nasib, directed by Saba Hameed, and written by Asma Sayani, Ghalti stars the famous couple Hira Mani as Zaira and Affan Waheed as Saad.

Anoushay Abbasi stars alongside the lead couple as Saad’s sister Maira, who leaves no opportunity to make Zaira’s life hell and to show Zaira down with her mother, Zaitoon.

Anoushay Abbasi plays an antagonist role in the drama as she makes it difficult for Zaira to live peacefully. Even though she got married a couple of episodes back, she continues to bring arguments and accusations in Zaira’s life. Lately, she accuses Zaira of having a secret relationship with her husband, but Saad trusts Zaira and slaps her for her shameful thoughts.

On the other hand, her husband also gets angry at her for accusing him. Anoushay effortlessly portrays all the emotions she goes through the episode and makes her scenes a delectable watch.

With an ensemble cast, Anoushay Abbasi still stands out and brings all the shades of her character impressively.

She is genuinely fit for the role she is playing and makes sure that it would get hate. Whether she is in a stressful situation or a state of anger, she can bring out all kinds of emotions effortlessly.

Like in all other serials, she proves her mettle in Ghalti, too, with her acting prowess and screen presence.

With her character adding new twists and turns in the story, we can’t wait to watch what Anoushay Abbasi and Maira have in store for us in drama serial Ghalti.