Renowned designer and philanthropist Deepak Perwani stays true to his commitments in giving back to Pakistan by donating reusable & disposable PPE Suits to help the real heroes of Pakistan to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

This not only assists our doctors, nurses & medical staff in help fighting the virus but also provide additional assistance to our skilled labour force who have been hard hit as opportunities are scarce in the current times.

“In these tough times, we at Deepak Perwani have used our set skills and stepped up to help the real heroes of Pakistan; our doctors, nurses & medical staff by manufacturing both reusable & disposable PPE suit prototypes in order for us to help flatten the curve together by doing our part.” Deepak Perwani has said on the brands continuous social responsibility.

Indeed, his work for poverty alleviation and working with SMEDA for the rural women of Pakistan and numerous charities that he supports makes him an icon in Pakistan and an inspiration to both Pakistanis living home and abroad.