The much-awaited drama serial ‘Mehar Posh’ second episode was aired last night and took the story forward towards Mehru’s wedding and how things fall apart for her.

The second episode resumes from the last episode where Naeem sees Shahjahan with Mehru at the shopping center.

His mother, Sakeena, comes forward and meets Mehru who is pleasantly surprised to bump into her to-be husband and mother in law. When Nusrat comes back, Naeem asks about Shahjahan because of his skeptical nature.

She tells him he is a helpful boy from their neighborhood who has grown up in front of them and has come to help them with the shopping.

In Naeem’s house, his mother shows him the bangles that she has gotten made for Mehru.

He tells her he will buy something with his choice for Mehru to give to her on the night of their wedding. He also expresses to her that Mehru meets all the requirements that he wanted in his life partner.

Helpless with his skeptical nature, he again asks about Shahjahan to which Sakeena says he should quit his habit of doubting everything.

As the wedding comes closer, Shahjahan has overtaken the responsibility of all the arrangements upon himself.

Mehru brings tea for him and his friends who notice that and tease him for setting up the wedding venue for the girl that he loves so much. On that occasion, Master Sahib arrives but luckily doesn’t hear anything that Shahjahan’s friend has said.

On the evening of the wedding, the baraat arrives; Shakeela and her son are in attendance as well.

As the festivities continue, Shakeela can be seen looking jealous and hateful since she is unable to get Mehru married to her own son. She walks off the stage and hears Shahjahan’s friends talking about how their friend was unable to marry the girl he loved.

They tell him how brave he is for tending to guests at his own beloved’s wedding. Shahjahan joins them and decides to have a laugh at his own situation

Shakeela sees this as an opportunity to create a storm and stop the wedding. She brings Naeem outside so that he can hear what Shahjahan and his friends are saying. He hears Shahjahan, who is only saying cinematic lines for his own entertainment, confess his love for Mehru.

Naeem tells his mother he won’t get married to Mehru, who asks him to stay put because the marriage has happened, and its time to take Mehru home. When Naeem refuses to do so, his mother pleads in front of him to not do anything that would ruin their family’s name and the occasion.

After the rukhsati, Naeem is evidently indifferent and in an unpleasant mood. Shakeela continues to add fuel to the fire by hovering around him, which reminds him more of what has happened.

Sakeena is miffed with Shakeela, who she believes has fed lies to her son. She watches her succeed at spoiling Naeem’s newly married life. She refuses to eat sweets from Shakeela’s hand after she offers it to her. The episode ends as Shakeela eats the sweet herself with a cunning and celebratory expression on her face.

The second episode of Meherposh was just as exciting as the first one. Stay tuned for what happens next.