One of Pakistan’s leading star and humanitarian Ali Zafar pens down a thought-provoking poem ‘Sukoon’.

Sharing his thoughts in Sukoon Ali Zafar said: “In these times when everything is on a pause, creativity in all forms continues to flow. We just have to find our own flow. I have always enjoyed solitude of sorts and have been writing various poems and pros in that state but this time around it’s been different. One has to be in peace with oneself to be able to share its meaning. Times as such also give us the opportunity to discover things that we tend to ignore normally.”

He further adds, “If one can find serenity in solitude, peace in chaos, music in the noise, then one can truly understand that everything is binary and in sync and meant to be as it is. Every adversity brings an opportunity for change and introspection which is needed not just on an individual but human level. We must bring about the change in ourselves to see the change we want in the world. This poem speaks about this very evolution. If you want to see peace outside. You must be at peace within.”

Indeed, in these unprecedented times, where a lot has come to a pause, Ali Zafar manages to connect with his roots of poetry and encourages all to do as well.