Raaz-e-Ulfat’ has aired its second episode, and we have to say this drama already looks like it is going to be the best of this season.

The play stars Yumna Zaidi, Shehzad Sheikh, Komal Aziz, Hina Bayat, Arisha Razi, Gohar Rasheed, Kiran Haq, and Kiran Haq among others.

Off to an interesting start right from the first episode last week, we are watching a very unique and unconventional story on our tv-screens. Written by Maha Malik and directed by Siraj ul Haq, the story has all the right elements and brilliant direction as well.

In the second episode, we see a confused and grateful Mushk finally making it to her dream university after a lot of mess-ups at home.

A nervous and helping mother, who sold her jewelry for the money to pay her hefty fee to a strict father who still looks skeptical about his decision to allow Mushk to study further, the story has progressed a lot in just the second episode.

Now that Sahiba and Mushk are leading towards friendship, Shehzad Sheikh has also entered the scene in his car and a dapper suit, giving the audiences a gist of what his character is going to be like. Even though the drama has managed to keep us curious about how the story is going to proceed, we are speculating a romance for Mushk really soon.

The best thing about Raaz-e-ulfat are the characters, and how every person has a different personality, and different dynamics which makes the drama much more interesting. With her strict and rule-governed father, a scared and helpless mother, what will the dynamics be? We can’t wait to find out! Looking forward to next Tuesday already.