Super Star Mahira Khan recently conducted an online interview with veteran actor Samina Peerza and these hard times, it was like a breath of fresh air.

When the conversation turned towards the topic of rumours about Mahira’s love life, she said, “You know my grandmother asked me to reconsider marriage when she got the news of a couple in their 90s getting married.”

Later, Mahira also gave an insight into her current love life saying, “Yes, I am in love but he’s not from the industry. This is a part of my life that I want to keep hidden from the world. I believe in nazr as well. I’d rather just keep it to myself.”

Replying to another question, Mahira revealed that the title of her film with Fawad Khan is Neelofar. “We were shooting for the film before this entire situation happened. There were only 10 days left for the shooting but now we don’t even know when it’ll be finished. It’s different from The Legend of Maula Jatt though; the story is about just these two characters. Both of us are in all the scenes. It was nice coming back in a similar situation as two matured actors. We hope we still have it!” she laughingly said.

About her time in lock-down with her son, she said “I think that’s the most beautiful thing that has happened. He’s like me. He loves to stay awake and sleep only after the sunrise. So for many days, we were watching the sunrise until my mom put an end to it. I’m finding out new things about him as well because he’s in an age where he talks to me like an adult. We were watching Mrs Doubtfire and he asked me all these questions about his father and me since it looked like a familiar situation to him,” she replied.

When Samina Peerzada asked about how things are different for her in lockdown, Mahira said rather than doing a lot of things or taking up a new skill, she’s using this time to slow down and enjoy this period. “I took out my old books and started reading them again. I’ve discovered a lot about my parents. It’s interesting for me to see what they do all day. I see how my mother struggles to even take a few steps. These things we tend to not notice in our daily lives. They’re actually the big things in my opinion,” she said.