Meherposh remains the viewers’ top choice of entertainment during these difficult times. The drama continues to garner rave reviews as the third episode of the show aired last night.

After Mehru’s wedding, Master Sahab appears absent-minded to his wife, Nusrat. Upon inquiring, he tells her he has this sinking feeling in his heart, which happens because he hasn’t taken his medicine for blood pressure. Once his condition worsens, Nusrat takes her husband to the hospital with Shahjahan.

Sakeena makes attempts at bringing Naeem to his senses. She pleads to him to not do anything that could ruin everything. He instead drives to Shakeela’s place to ask her once again everything she has heard, thus giving another chance to add fuel to the fire, which she succeeds in doing.

On the other hand, Aayat, who is home alone, gets worried and, as a last resort, calls Mehru and tells her about their father’s ill health. Mehru gets worried and calls Nusrat, who understands Aayat must have spoken to her. Nusrat tells Mehru that her father is fine, and it was just a case of high blood pressure, which is now under control. Mehru thinks her mother is hiding something from her, which is why she decides to call Shahjahan.

Naeem returns home and walks in when Mehru is talking to Shahjahan on the phone. He loses his temper as he begins to hurl abuses and insults at Mehru for being a woman of bad character who doesn’t deserve to be married in a respectable family. Shahjahan decides to call Mehru back when the line gets disconnected. Naeem puts the phone on speaker and hears Shahjahan’s voice asking her if everything is okay. In a fit of rage, Naeem divorces Mehru right there and asks his mother, Sakeena, to send her away, or he will throw her out of the house. Sakeena tells Naeem that he is going to regret what he has done.

A devastated Mehru takes off her wedding dress and dons plain clothes to leave. Sakeena pleads her to stay for the night. She says her father is already sick, and her family will be troubled when their newly married daughter will return home in the dead of night.

Meherposh has ample doses of emotion, tenderness, heartbreak, societal vices. The themes of doubt, being gullible enough to believe whatever is shown to us as well as hatred and envy, are the main themes of the show. All of that is paired with some flawless performances by almost every single performer in the show. We can’t wait to see what happens next and how the story unfolds.