A typical rom-com has two lead characters at the forefront and many others who are just there to take the story forward. Their universe revolves around the lead pair. If you aren’t a regular viewer of Pyar Ke Sadqay, you might think that the story is about just Abdullah and Mahjabeen.

However, the truth is that the writer of the play Zanjabeel Asim Shah has given us many other fully fleshed out characters, who have their own motivations and desires.

Yashma Gill’s Shanzay perfectly illustrates this point. While she was initially shown as the love interest of Abdullah, she has developed in her own space. Everything in her life is not relative to how Abdullah is doing. Hence, the audience is not just interested in the lives of the lead duo but also keeps track of how the other characters are also evolving.
While the writing of such characters is one part of it, to make it convincing, you need a masterful actor on board.

Someone who can make his or her presence felt. This is where the excellence of Yashma Gill comes to the fore. She starts as this young, bubbly character who is the center of attention at university. To be honest, it was a role that suited her persona.

She brought the required pizazz to the role, which kept the audience (and Abdullah) hooked. The young starlet looked stunning in every scene and yet displayed a sense of confusion typical of that phase of life.

However, as these characters have grown, Shanzay has matured too. She is now starting to see things which she couldn’t in the past. It’s a difficult transition to achieve. The challenge is to make it look as natural as possible.

Yashma Gill is doing so with ease.What started as a full-on fun-filled teen romance is moving into its next phase. While we already have some nefarious designs, there might be a few more in store, maybe some shocking ones.

Shanzay can cause a lot of havoc in the lives of Abdullah and Mahjabeen. It all depends on what road she chooses to take…as we stay indoors, we have a lot of time to ponder and come up with theories. Only time shall tell for sure.