7th Sky Entertainment’s new drama serial Raaz e Ulfat is providing drama lovers a good dose of entertainment amidst the corona-virus lock-down when all we are looking forward to are some exciting shows to watch and kill time.

The story of the family drama revolves around an innocent and obedient girl Mushk, essayed by Yumna Zaidi, whose life is governed by her conservative father, Iftikhar. Unhappy with her captive-like lifestyle, Mushk desires to live life to the fullest and enjoy every aspect of it. She crosses paths with a modern, stylish and outgoing girl Sahiba Naveed Khan in her university, and that’s where her life takes a new turn.

On the other side of the story is Irtiza, who is Sahiba’s family friend. A good looking, charming, young man who has returned to Pakistan after studying from abroad. Despite being a foreign return, Irtiza is a sophisticated gentleman who upholds Eastern values close to his heart. Shehzad Sheikh looks dapper in this role and is essaying the character flawlessly.

Three episodes down, the drama is going strong and getting more intense, keeping viewers gripped to every scene. Mushk and Irtiza have finally had their first encounter, which will soon turn into the beginning of their love story as Irtiza has almost fallen for the girl.

The episode began with Irtiza letting Sahiba go unaccounted for hitting his car after Mushk pleaded him innocently. Taken away by her innocence, Irtiza couldn’t get Mushk off her mind and even talked to his mother about finding the girl that he had always dreamt of having as his life partner.

Mushk’s mother is not comfortable with Sahiba and her daughter’s fostering friendship. She warns her not to befriend people from contrasting social status and mindset, yet Mushk just can’t get enough of Sahiba’s lifestyle and feels proud of being friends with such a stylish girl.

On the other hand, Nomi ditches Sahiba by first inviting her to his house and then not meeting her. Heartbroken and angry over Nomi’s act, Sahiba goes straight to Mushk’s house without prior informing her, enraging Mushk’s parents to the core.

All in all, the episode was quite gripping and didn’t bore the audiences for a single minute. In the three episodes that have aired so far, the drama has moved at a fast pace, and it seems it will change gears in the coming weeks, with something big happening in Mushk’s life as we can already smell rebellion from her actions.

Written by Maha Malik and directed by Siraj ul Haq, Raaz e Ulfat is brilliantly written and directed with great precision. Above all, the OST sung by Aima Baig and Sahir Ali Bagga is fantastic and goes so well with the storyline of the play. We are definitely, looking forward to more of this intense love saga.