Meherposh’s fourth episode turned out to be an emotionally draining one where Mehru’s family finds out about the tragedy that has struck her on the very first night of her wedding.

It eventually gets there at the very end of the episode after several moments that reduce the pace of the episode, but when it happens, it is fair to say that it delivers on all accounts.

The episode begins with Naeem asking Sakeena, his mother, to drop Mehru to her parents’ place before people find out and leads to a scene being created. Angry and disappointed, Sakeena asks him since when he has started to worry about what the people will say. He tells her that if she doesn’t drop Mehru off, Naeem will throw her out of the house.

To make matters worse, Shakeela arrives in the morning and is surprised to learn what Naeem has done. She is rather pleased with herself for her doing since she didn’t expect things to fall apart like that. To add more fuel to the fire, she tries to comfort Mehru by telling her of Naeem’s temperament and how no one wanted to marry him for that very reason.

She tells Mehru how she can’t even imagine what her parents would go through when they learn of her divorce.

Nusrat and Aayat reach Naeem’s place to bring breakfast for the married couple as part of the wedding custom. They are greeted by a glum and indifferent Naeem who tells them that his mother has gone to drop Mehru off at her parents’ place. Nusrat is extremely offended by his behavior and begins to wonder if there’s another reason for Naeem’s changed attitude.

Naeem chooses not to mention anything to them.Along the way, Mehru reminds Sakeena that she claimed to be her mother after the marriage. She then asks her how she can call herself her mother when she couldn’t fight for her honor.

As they reach Mehru’s parents’ place, she gets out of the car and walks inside the house while recalling all the happy moments that she spent with her family during the days leading up to her wedding.

As Sakeena is about to leave, Nusrat and Aayat find her standing out of the house. Nusrat invites her in, but she declines their offer. She then leaves without telling them anything as well, just like Naeem.

Aayat finds a quiet and teary-eyed Mehru sitting in her room. Nusrat and Master Sahib asks her if everything is alright which is when she breaks down and in between uncontrollable sobs, manages to tell them that Naeem has divorced her.

The last scene when Mehru tells her parents is absolutely heartbreaking. She is distraught in every sense of the word possible. She is an emotional wreck, as any woman would be if god forbids she had to go through something like that. Ayeza Khan shines in the last few scenes.

Her performance is a testament to her years of experience and the ability to sink her teeth into a character. There isn’t one moment that feels forced. There is a haunting sadness on her face throughout the episode, which adds a sense of realism to her performance.

Meherposh promised to be a roller coaster of emotions, and the latest episode is just that. We are excited to find out what happens next. Meherposh airs on Fridays at 8 pm on Geo TV.