Raaz-e-Ulfat is one of those drama serials that have been receiving positive reviews right from its very first episode. The drama was widely anticipated after its first teaser went on air because of a promising story, strong lead and supporting cast and names like Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi attached to it.

The show revolves around Mushk, a young and innocent girl who belongs to an extremely conservative family.

The latest episode resumes with Ismail’s wife finding out that she is suffering from the last stage of cancer.

She tells him that all she is worried about is what would happen to their children and their house after she is gone. Ismail assures her that he will do whatever it takes to save her.

The next day, he takes his wife and kids to the amusement park, so spend as much quality time as they can together as a family.

Irtiza arrives at Mushk’s university while looking for her. He tries to talk to her, but a scared and nervous Mushk refuses to strike up a conversation with him. He offers her to drive her home, but at that moment, Mushk’s father arrives and sees her talking to a guy. He strictly forbids her to stay away from guys at all costs.

At home, Mushk finds it difficult to shake off Irtiza from her mind. She can’t help but think about him and how he was kind enough to offer her his handkerchief when she was crying.

On her way home, Sahiba spots Irtiza outside her house. In a fit of rage, she hits him with her car because of how he was mean to her.

The next day, Sahiba tells Mushk about what she did with Irtiza. She gets worried for him and tells her she shouldn’t have done that. Upon seeing Nomi coming towards them, Mushk makes an excuse and leaves. Nomi feels insulted by Mushk’s behavior. He asks Sahiba why she always runs away when he is around. According to him, girls like Mushk do everything from the comfort of their veil but pretend to be pious and untouchable in front of everyone else.

Sahiba assures him that Mushk is nothing like that.Back at her home, Mushk asks her father if it is okay for Sahiba to drop her home after their classes.

This way, he wouldn’t have to come all the way from his work to drop her. He says it isn’t advisable to take undue favors from random people but allows her to do so for a few days. Mushk also asks him for a phone because everyone at her university has one except her. This upsets her father, and he walks out of the room.

Irtiza shows up at Sahiba’s place since their families know each other. He tells her that he has come to complain to her father about how she hit him with her car, but he wouldn’t do so if Sahiba can get Mushk to meet him.

The drama is moving forward at an engaging pace, and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few episodes. Raaz-e-Ulfat airs on Tuesdays on Geo Entertainment.