In a world currently fighting the coronavirus pandemic, hygiene has become a matter of life and death. Bad hygiene can not only put you in danger but also those around you. The virus spreads indiscriminately and prevention is definitely better than cure in this case.

Dettol Soap, with its Hoga Saaf Pakistan campaign, has been promoting self-hygiene with great vigor for a while now. As we face the coronavirus pandemic, they have increased their efforts significantly to help Pakistanis. None more so than the social activist and brand ambassador for Hoga Saaf Pakistan, Shaniera Akram.

She recently distributed Dettol soaps to NGOs helping under-privileged people across Pakistan as part of this inspiring campaign.

In a tweet, she stressed that lack of hygiene is the chief reason behind the spread of this deadly virus. She also highlighted that as part of the Hoga Saaf Pakistan campaign, well-known NGOs like Aik Naiki and NRSP have received bacteria-killing Dettol Soaps.

These soaps will be used by people belonging to the underprivileged segments of our society.

She also reinforced the idea that the only way out of our current plight is by adopting a sanitized lifestyle. NICH was named as the third intermediary organization which received Dettol Soaps. She also urged all Pakistanis to donate as much as possible and help those in desperate need.

We as Pakistanis have to pay heed to her words. We could really start small by regularly washing our hands and keeping our surroundings clean. If enough of us do so, it will make a more significant societal impact. While people in power positions and celebrities like Shaniera Akram do their part, we also have to be smart about the choices we make.