After a successful Ramazan transmission of 2019, Geo Tv this year is back with season 2 of its most liked segment, Makafaat. Meaning retribution, as the name suggests, the series is based on different topics every day, giving lessons to be good or it comes back to you in unexpected ways.

What gives Makafaat its edge is the fact that it has a different new story airing every day, written by a different writer, that keeps the uniqueness alive of the whole show.

Like the previous year, the direction is by Saleem Ghanchi. The responsibility of penning it down is on various writers, namely Saqlain Abbas, Huma Hina Nafees, Rehan Zaheer Siddiqui, Anwar Gillani, Wajiha Warsi, Samina Ejaz, Umar Qazi, Ramia Salma, Farzana Imran, and Mehrunnisa Mustaqeem Khan. 

The series portrays everyday events that are common in our society to depict a relatable happening and can be more lesson-giving. Every episode is given a name with the relevance of the story, which is engaging, making the viewer keen to see the episode.

In modern society, where life revolves only around oneself, this series explains the importance of our responsibilities towards humanity, it promotes empathy and the value huqooq-ul-ibad alongside huqooq Allah, which is something very rare to be seen.

Makafaat comprises of famed young and veteran Pakistani drama actors, Syed Jibraan, Asim Mehmood, Ali Ansari, Babar Khan, Seemi Pasha, Parveen Akbar, Shameen Khan, Maham Amir are to name a few, whose acting gave life to brilliantly written scripts.

Have you seen Makafaat? If not, then you are missing a brilliant piece of artwork that will not only make you pass the time, but also leave an impact on your mind, making you a better person.