Raaz-e-ulfat’s fifth episode was chockablock full of exciting developments that managed to hold the attention of the show’s loyal audience. The episode had its fair share of unnerving and jaw-dropping moments.

We see that Irtiza continues to fall head over heels for Mushk. He pictures her in his thoughts and dreams and thinks about the time when he clicked a few of her pictures so that he can look at her whenever he wants.

Sahiba takes Mushk to a mall for shopping. She calls her mother and lies to her about extra class. in the mall, Sahiba purposefully gets lost so that Irtiza can talk to her alone. Turns out, it was all Irtiza and Sahiba’s plan so that the two of them could meet.

Sahiba asks Irtiza why he wants to befriend Mushk? Instead of answering his question, he asks her views about Nomi. She gets mad when Irtiza mentions Nomi and tells him that she knows and trusts him completely.

Nomi gets upset when Sahiba tells him about what Irtiza’s had to say about him. She tells him to forget about Irtiza and focus on the two of them. That’s when Nomi presents Sahiba with a diamond ring and proposes to her. Turns out, Nomi stole the ring from his mother and blamed it on his domestic help.

Mushk’s father returns home with a mobile phone for Mushk so that they can contact her when she is away. Mushk is happy with the surprise and thanks to her father.

The next day in college, Mushk shows Sahiba her new phone. She tells her that now they will be able to contact each other whenever they want. Mushk leaves as soon as Nomi arrives.

She addresses him by calling him bhai, and both Sahiba and Nomi make fun of her for having a middle-class mindset. Offended, Mushk leaves and comes home in a rickshaw. Her mother asks her why didn’t she come with Sahiba like she was supposed to, but Mushk lies to her by saying that Sahiba didn’t come to university that day.

Sahiba follows Mushk home to apologize to her for the way she behaved. She tells her that both her and Nomi are extremely sorry for the way they spoke to her and made fun of her. Sahiba tells her that she has come with Nomi but didn’t bring him inside because her family wouldn’t approve of it.

Mushk gets petrified when she learns that Nomi is standing outside her house. She asks Sahiba to leave since it is time for her father to return home. As Mushk had expected, her father arrives and asks Nomi why he is standing outside their door. The drama ends when Nomi introduces himself to him as Mushk’s friend in a suggestive way.

The drama successfully manages to portray the way of living of both the classes in our society. On the one hand, there are people like Sahiba and Nomi who are spoiled, arrogant, and have no respect for their parents or whatever it is that they have to say. On the other hand, there’s Mushk, who is terribly scared of her father, is always punctual and lives by the rules that are set by her elders for her.

It will be interesting to see how Sahiba will influence Mushk and how she will deal with her father’s anger because of Nomi. Raaz-e-Ulfat airs on Tuesdays on Geo TV.