Ali Zafar foundation has been at the forefront of distributing rations to needy families in Lahore.

An initiative started by the singer Ali Zafar this foundation has been working with the government going door to door in order to help people who don’t have sufficient food in the holy month of Ramadan.

What is unique about this effort is the fact that they are targeting Christians and minority communities which stay largely ignored in mainstream drives to this date and are using the latest technology as shown in this video to show their donors what is being done on the ground.

In a live video session, superstar Ali Zafar showed his fans how his foundation people are distributing rations to Christians and minority communities by maintaining social distancing.

“We must make an inclusive society where everyone feels equally empowered and a part of the society, like a petal in a flower. Only then we can get rid of the thorns,” Zafar quoted whose foundation has so far distributed Ration amongst almost 3500 families.

Earlier, Ali Zafar had donated a total of Rs 2 million to help daily wagers affected due to lock-down.

The actor posted a video and wrote: “We have started the distribution of Ration from Lahore and delivered to 50 families so far. I have personally donated Rs. 2 million to help the daily wagers in the coming days.”