7th Sky Entertainment’s hit drama serial Kahin Deep Jalay has come to a satisfying end. Written by Qaisera Hayat, directed by Saima Waseem, and produced by eminent producers Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi, the drama had an ensemble cast.

Starring Neelam Munir, Ali Abbas, Saba Faisal, Imran Ashraf, and Nazish Jahangir in pivotal roles, the drama had all the ingredients to keep us hooked and find out how the story will end.

The ending last night was all that we were looking for. Shameela reaped what she had sowed, and Rida was reunited with her husband to lead a happy life. Now that the show has come to a convincing end, here are five reasons why we are going to miss it.

1. Brother-sister bond

Kahin Deep Jalay mainly revolved around the brother-sister bond that was overshadowed for some time because of the hatred, resentment, jealousy, and plotting of Shameela. The bond that Rida shared with her brother Faham was, however, exemplary, and we all looked forward to how Faham always defended, trusted, cared for, and protected his sister until his death. Faham was a gem of a brother, and Ali Abbas nailed that character completely.

2. An emotional ride every week

The story of the drama was an emotional one and each week we saw a few scenes that were full of emotions. The drama was our weekly dose of entertainment with an emotional storyline to make us feel for the sufferings of the characters.

3. Dressing and styling of Neelum Munir

The beautiful diva of our entertainment industry, Neelum Munir, impressed us in Kahin Deep Jalay with not just her acting but also with her great styling and dressing. In every scene, her styling and makeup was according to her character’s situation but she gave us major style goals in the initial episodes of the drama.

4. Reminder to be afraid of God

Kahin Deep Jalay reminded us to be afraid of God because what you do to others comes back to you in unexpected ways. Shameela’s end showed us that you will always have to pay back for what you do to others.

With the successful end of Kahin Deep Jalay, 7th Sky Entertainment has once again proven their mettle of producing hit drama serials that the audience loves to watch, appreciates, and remembers for a long time. Thumbs up for the team of Kahin Deep Jalay for bringing such quality entertainment to our screens!