Ramsha Khan is a Pakistani actress who has surprisingly grown well over the years after her film debut “Thora Jee le.” She is recognized for her roles in distinguished series, including Woh Aik Pal (2017), Tumhari Marium (2016), Mah-e-Tamaam (2018), Khudparast (2018), and Kaisa Hai Naseeban (2019).

These days, we can see her on our tv screens as Hamna in Ishqiya. The drama features around the themes of revenge, love, trust, and whatnot. It has a plot with a lot of different surprises and characters.

The story initiates with Hamna and Hamza (played by Feroze Khan) deeply in love, but in later episodes, destiny takes them on different paths.

Hamna is a tender and compassionate girl who usually does what her parents ask her todo.

This leads to her parents giving her away to their friend’s son, when Hamna is actually in love with Hamza. Hamna is quite a complicated character who has to go through different transitions while she’s around different people.

Fortunately, that is not an issue because Ramsha Khan is renowned for pulling off the shifts in a character with perfection.

The audience is never bored around the plot that she follows, and we do believe that this role was solely made for her. As there are different phases for Hamna’s character, she has to act childish and happy-go-lucky around Hamza, and mature around her younger sister, Roomi. She has this strong skill where she adds the seriousness in a scene to make it look believable to the audience.

With her on-going role in Ishqiya, Ramsha has given some fierce competition to other artists.

Just a single glimpse of Ramsha Khan on the television screens, and anyone would see her as a has-it-all. She definitely has the looks, enthusiasm, and determination. If given any role, she can pull it off with perfection; that is who she is as an artist. She has the kind of potential that we can’t get enough of.

We all love a powerful and strong-headed personality in the media industry, and we are excited to see her shine more as the show goes on.